Granato's Grocery - FRONT ONLY [SKU: #74] - $12.95 : Electric Train Outlet, Service with a Smile
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Granato's Grocery - FRONT ONLY


SKU: #74

Ameri-Towne fronts are a great way to put buildings against a backdrop where space is a problem. A full 1/4" thick, Ameri-Towne fronts give you a 3-D look in a 2-D space. You can also buy back and side walls separately so you can create a building to your own design!

The fronts are unpainted. Paint is not included. The buildings in the photos have been painted and weathered. The 3-story fronts are approximately 9 high.

Ameri-Towne buildings are easy to kitbash. The walls are scored on the back of each floor so you can easily make a 3-story kit into a 2-story building, or combine two kits into a 6-story building.

  • Model: SKU: #74
  • Manufactured by: OGR

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 25 May, 2012.