DZ-1000 SWITCH MACHINE [SKU: DZ-1000] - $29.90 : Electric Train Outlet, Service with a Smile
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SKU: DZ-1000

Small, fast-acting and adds remote control capability to GarGraves, Ross, Curtis and Atlas turnouts. It includes the compact DZ-1002 Remote PB Switch. The LEDs on each are interchange-able to assure correct indication for main line or siding. The Switch Machine features power cutoff to prevent burnout if power is left on. Easy to mount above or below your benchwork. Can be manually operated or powered from 8-16VAC and is easily wired for non-derailing.

Small, low-profile size

Long-life red and green LED indicators

  • Model: SKU: DZ-1000

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This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 12 February, 2014.

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