LIONEL STEP VAN w/TMCC [SKU: 6-22510] - $99.99 : Electric Train Outlet, Service with a Smile
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SKU: 6-22510

TMCC-equipped RailRoadsters for SuperStreets
You control speed with the Cab-1 or Cab-2 Throttle. Turn operating headlights on and off. Accelerate with Boost or hit the Brake and the rear brakes lights flash. You can even back up, just watch out behind you!

  • Features
  • Control Speed and Direction
  • Turn Headlights On or Off
  • Operating Rear Brake Lights
  • Compatible w/TMCC & LEGACY System

Gauge: Traditional O Gauge

RailLine: Lionel Lines

  • Model: SKU: 6-22510
  • Manufactured by: K-Line

Sold Out

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 15 August, 2011.