CB&Q LionChief Plus NW2 Diesel #9412A [6-82165] - $299.99 : Electric Train Outlet, Service with a Smile
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CB&Q LionChief Plus NW2 Diesel #9412A


LionChief™ Plus: an exciting and innovative twist in classic Lionel locomotives

Use the LionChief™ Remote for long distance control, great sounds, and operating multiple locomotives at the same time. Or flip switch and operate LionChief™ Plus locomotive from your current conventional transformer.

NW2 Diesel Switcher

The best-selling switch engine of all time, EMD’s NW2 worked everywhere from the loading dock to the freight yards. Some even pulled the occasional passenger train!

  • Locomotive Features:
  • User selected operational modes: Conventional AC transformer control mode or LionChief™ wireless remote control with AC or DC power
  • On/off switches for sound and smoke
  • ElectroCouplers on front and rear (controlled by the LionChief remote only)
  • RailSounds RC sound system with diesel revving and background sounds, horn, bell, and user-activated announcements
  • Adjustable volume (controlled by remote only)
  • Operating directional headlights
  • Fan-driven smoke
  • Maintenance-free motor
  • Constant speed control to maintain a steady speed at a crawl or full speed and everything in between regardless of track conditions or load
  • Lighted cab interior with figures
  • Die-cast metal trucks, pilot, and fuel tank
  • Metal frame
  • Traction tires
Remote Features:
  • The "throttle" rotates to increase and decrease speed in both forward and reverse
  • The red light at the top of the remote is a speed indicator; steady when in neutral and blinking faster as it accelerates
  • Long range control, up to 60 feet
  • Buttons for whistle sound, bell, and special announcements
  • Multiple frequencies available, so multiple engines can run in the same layout at the same time
  • LionChief locomotives can run on any Legacy , TMCC, or conventional transformer layout with 18 volts of power supplied to the track
  • Requires three AAA alkaline batteries (not included)

      • Gauge: Traditional O Gauge 
      • Dimensions: Length: 12"
      • Rail Line: Burlington
      • Road Number: 9412A
      • Min Curve: O31
      • Most Recent Catalog: 2014
      • Scale Type: Scale
      • Power: Electric

  • Model: 6-82165
  • Manufactured by: Lionel

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