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S P Dash 9 (COMM) #8228

$699.95  $399.95
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SKU: 6-18228


From the General Electric shops in Erie, Pennsylvania, comes this powerful workhorse of today's railroading.

The Dash-9 is making its mark on North American main lines with dependable performance and rugged build quality-just like this Lionel locomotive.

Introducing the Lionel Command equipped 8228 Southern Pacific Dash-9, fresh from the paint shop to your railroad. Unparalleled features, top performance, and exquisite decoration quality make the Lionel 8228 a must have for all your contemporary diesel operations.

Best of all, the Dash-9 is Lionel TrainMaster Command Control equipped. That means it features the Liontech Command reverse unit, a revolutionary microcomputer that not only gives you control over every locomotive feature (directional headlights, RailSounds II, and more) but lets you run the Dash-9 independently on the same track, at the same time, with other Command equipped Lionel locomotives. Or run the Dash-9 on a conventional railroad and enjoy the standard forward-neutral-reverse operation automaticly. The Lionel Command equippes Dash-9 diesel locomotive is quite simply the most advanced electric train you can buy.

Thrill at the realism of the Dash-9 RailSounds II system, featuring actual Dash-9 digital sounds recorded by Liontech engineers. Fully controllable diesel roar, clanging mechanical bell, and MultiHorn-different every time-are just the beginning. Next, add extra sounds and details like squealing brakes to reveal the true depth of the Railsounds II system. Nothing comes close to Railsounds II-except the real thing.

The Lionel Dash-9 comes equipped with Electrocouplers-Plus, coil activated couplers that work anywhere on your railroad with TrainMaster Command Control or over and UCS operating track section in conventional operations mode. The special coil-plus-target disk design gives you performance freedom.

Looking for raw power? The Dash-9 delivers with two powerful Pullmor motors for the tractive effort you need. And magne-Traction keeps the Dash-9 surefooted on the tightest of O gauge curves. If long freights are common on your Lionel railroad, the Dash-9 is ready for service.

No other electric train gives you this much realism and control in such a rugged package.


  • Lionel TMCC Command Control equipped
  • RailSounds II digital sound system with volume control
  • Directional lighting
  • Ditch lights
  • Snowplow
  • ElectroCouplers-Plus
  • Multi-horn
  • Detailed and rugged molded body
  • All metal wheels, axles and gears
  • Die-cast trucks
  • Lighted cab interior
  • Metal railings
  • Metal chassis
  • Minimum radius curve: O-31
  • Scale: O-Gauge
  • Length: 16-1/2"

  • Model: SKU: 6-18228
  • Manufactured by: Lionel

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